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Facebook Chat Enabler Reborn [Chat without Facebook Messanger] [All FB versions]


 Facebook Chat Enabler Reborn [Chat without Facebook Messanger] [All FB versions]

 Facebook Chat Enabler Reborn, now you can be able to chat without messenger.
if you have lowed phone and facebook messenger begun to slows your phone with its size and background process? well there is a way to fix that using  Facebook Chat Enabler Reborn,

I state that personally I don't want to be forced to install an app (which I hate for many reasons) only to use Facebook chat or send/receive its messages. 

Big credit to : AntaresOne

But before anything else this are the DISADVANTAGE  :
  • Increased battery drain: main thread+background ones for services and receivers are always active
  • Increased load on general resources (like CPU and RAM memory) for the reasons mentioned above
  • You're forced to install another app to chat while you could safely use an unique (Facebook app)
Advantages of Facebook+Facebook Chat Enabler:
  • Never executed by the operating system, meaning no more battery drain and no resource eating at all (Facebook app itself drains battery)
  • Chat and send/receive messages in main Facebook app without Messenger

 Since Reborn version's release I will not share Enabler's apks anymore (and you're not allowed to), but a simple app which allows you to download and install suggested Chat Enabler version for the Facebook app found on your device, called Facebook Chat Enabler Helper:


  • Easy to use, just two buttons
  • Facebook Chat Re-Enabler for Facebook app until v27
  • Facebook Chat Enabler Reborn for Facebook app starting from v28
  • Override mode to let the user choose what version wants
  • Support text and little how-to for the user
  • No extra permissions required:
    • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is required to determine if the device has an Internet connection available
    • android.permission.INTERNET is required to download and let you install chosen or suggested Chat Enabler version between Re-Enabler and Reborn
    • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to write in memory the Chat Enabled package which is being downloaded
  • Root not required

 DOWNLOAD Facebook Chat Enabler Reborn  


Warning: In case of devices which have Messenger installed out of the box and not user-uninstallable, Facebook Chat Enabler Helper can't uninstall it. This is the limitation of having Messenger in /system partition, therefore root is required to get rid of it. Do not blame me or my work for this, neither report it in the issue report. It's not my fault!